Series 54 Peristaltic Pump

Features and typical applications

Long-term stable peristaltic pump for continuous & discontinuous metering operation with liquid analytical applications – Series 54 peristaltic pump


  • For process analytical applications
  • Sample transport
  • Condensate transport
  • Sample dilution
  • Sample metering
  • Back-flushing of sample lines

Key Features

  • Microprocessor controlled stepper motor
  • User-selectable rotational speeds
  • Remote digital control for high degree of flexibility
  • Protective housing (IP 65)
  • Quick and easy change of tubing
  • Maintenance free
  • Self-priming


LFE Series 54 Peristaltic Pump


LFE's Series 54 peristaltic pump was designed for use in diverse process analytical applications. It is based on the well proven, highly reliable SR25 pump by Gardner Denver Thomas.

The special design of the pump and the implemented Novoprene tubing guarantee a long service life through high mechanical and chemical resistance.


The microprocessor controlled stepper motor allows a very high degree of flexibility as well as operational stability. The Series 54 pump was designed for continuous as well as discontinuous operation. Various digital inputs allow remote control of speed and direction.

Technical data

Technical Data


Technical specifications subject to change without notice

Part No. 54-0001
Medium liquid
Self-priming Yes
Power supply 24 VDC / 10 VA max.
Dimensions approx. 130 x 105 x 188mm (height x width x depth)
Protection class IP 65
Weight 1 kg
Wetted parts PVDF, Novoprene tubing
Operation continuous or discontinuous
Remote control 3 optically isolated digital inputs (5-24 VDC)
  • on/off (normal mode) or
    metering pulses (metering mode; DIP switch selectable)
  • direction of rotation
  • speed select
    (speed 1/speed 2; both separately DIP switch selectable)
Speed(s) user selectable speed (via DIP switches)
0.2 | 0.5 | 1 | 2 | 5 | 10 | 20 | 50 rpm
(other speeds upon request)
Flow rate
  • continuous operation:
    approx. 4ml/h to 4000ml/h (depending on tubing and selected speed)
  • metering operation:
    pulse counter control via digital input (discrete number of rotations for reproducible metering applications)
    Metering volume dependent upon tubing diameter used:
    approx. 0.33 ml/360° | 0.67ml/360° | 1.33ml/360°
Max. suction height 8m H2O
Max. pressure height 10m H2O
Accessories (must be ordered separately)
Tubing Material: Novoprene
3 sizes:
  • 4.8x1.6 (o.d. 8mm)    (Part No. 14-0076)
  • 3.2x1.6 (o.d. 6.4mm) (Part No. 14-0077)
  • 2.4x1.6 (o.d. 5.6mm) (Part No. 14-0078)
Adapter connectors Material: PVDF
  • Adapter for peristaltic tubing i.d. 3.2mm
    Connection for flexible tubing DN1/3
    (Part No. 14-0036-3.2)
  • Adapter for peristaltic tubing i.d. 4.8mm
    Connection for flexible tubing o.d. DN1/3
    (Part No. 14-0036-4.8)
Adapter connectors for DN4/6 flexible tubing on request


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Series 54 Peristaltic Pump


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Technical specifications subject to change without notice

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