High Temperature Thermal Conductivity Hydrogen Gas Analyzer

Features and typical applications

High temperature thermal conductivity Hydrogen process gas analyzer - CONTHOS 3 – TCD HT

Key Features

  • High temperature analyzer with thermostat controlled gas paths up to 180°C for high dew points
  • High temperature analyzer up to 180°C to avoid possible salification
  • Extremely long term stable analysis of H2 in binary and quasi-binary gas mixtures
  • Ultra-fast response T90 ≤ 3 sec
  • Highly corrosion resistant TCD cell with Al2O3, glass and quartz for process gases with Cl2, HCl, H2O or NH3, CO2, H2O and H2

Typical Applications

  • Metallurgical process gases such as nitration and nitrocarburizing
  • Heat treatment & hardening with hydrogen, ammonia and carbon dioxide
  • Chemical processes with hydrogen as well as acidic and alkaline components
  • Monitoring of processes with hydrogen, water vapor and high dew points
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