pControl 2F

Backpressure Controller for process gas analyzers

Features and typical applications

Backpressure controller instead of pressure corrections with wide flow range for gas analyzers - pControl 2F

Key Features

  • Eliminate pressure errors at the source instead of calculated corrections
  • Adjustable, quick and precise pressure control
  • Extremely wide range of gas flow: 5 up to 1000 ln/h
  • A single pControl system for use with multiple gas analyzers
  • High corrosion resistant version for aggressive gases
  • Improved stability by temperature controlled transducer
  • Sample gas return into process instead of emissions
  • Flammable and toxic gases via flare or scrubber

Typical Applications

  • Precise measurement at constant pressure instead of insufficient or impossible pressure correction algorithms
  • Long-term stable pressure control also for gases with high corrosion potential
  • Sample gas return into process at defined higher pressure
  • Defined setpoint pressure to dispose of flammable and toxic sample gases into a flare or scrubber
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