USR-F | Sample Filter System with Ultrasonic Irradiation

Features and typical applications

Long-term stable sample filter system with ultrasonic irradiation for process water analyzer such as TOC, conductivity, pH,dissolved O2 – USR-F

Typical Applications

  • Long-term stable sample filtration for use with process water analyzers
  • Sampling for analyzers such as TOC, conductivity, pH, dissolved O2, turbidity, etc.
  • Process water with high corrosion potential and degree of contamination
  • Defined and constant filtering

Key Features

  • Automatic ultrasonic cleaning of filter element
  • Filter element in cross-flow configuration with pore sizes from 1 µm to 200 µm available
  • High reliability of the analyzer system
  • Minimized filter maintenance



On-line water analysis often places heavy demands on sample filtration. Aside from the expected high availability of the analysis system in conjunction with low maintenance requirements, defined constant filter characteristics must be assured.

LFE's USR-F sample filter system helps to meet these requirements using a filter element in cross-flow configuration. The filter element is irradiated at adjustable, regular intervals and defined duration by ultrasonic energy. The ultrasound generator creates cavitation in the water sample which serves as the coupling medium.

The implosions of a tremendous number of micro cavitation bubbles results in the familiar excellent cleaning effect of this method. The particles loosened from the filter element are carried away by the main sample stream. The connected analyzer system can take the sample continuously from the cleaned filter element achieving considerably lower maintenance and longer service life.

LFE's sample filter consists of the corrosion resistant filter unit containing the ultrasonic transducer and a control unit with the time or remote controlled ultrasound generator. The control unit is housed in a water-protected (IP65) wall-mounted housing.



  • Filter element arranged in cross-flow configuration
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of filter element – time controlled via timer or remote controlled via digital inputs
  • Diverse filter elements with pore sizes from 1 µm to 200 µm available
  • Constant filter characteristics
  • High corrosion resistance of filter unit made of PVDF and ultrasound transducer made of Hastelloy®
  • High reliability and low maintenance

Corrosion resistant sample filtration  system with filter elements & diverse pore sizes in cross-flow configuration – USR-F

Technical data

Technical Data

Technical specifications subject to change without notice

Ultrasound module - Sample filter
Housing Ultrasound module / Filter head assembly:
Wall-mounted, stainless steel housing with Hastelloy® transducer diaphragm
Filter head assembly: PVDF; exchangeable filter material (various materials and pore sizes (1 - 200 µm) available)
Dimensions see dimensional diagram below
Weight 1.5 kg
Protection class IP65
Connecting cable Cable btwn. control unit and ultrasound module assembly: approx. 3 m
Sample flow Unfiltered water sample stream: approx. 50 - 500 l/h
Filtered sample: approx. 100 - 4000 ml/h
Effective filter surface area approx. 12 cm²
Max. pressure 1 barg
Ambient temperature +10°C - +35°C
Ultrasound generator – Control unit
Housing Synthetic housing with viewing pane; wall-mounted
Dimensions see dimensional diagram below
Weight 6 kg
Protection class IP65
Power supply

Model variations

  • 115 VAC (95-120 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 80 VA max.)
  • 230 VAC (190-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 80 VA max.)
Ultrasound frequency approx. 35 kHz
Ultrasound irradiation duration internal timer: irradiation and pause duration adjustable
remote control: via digital inputs
Ambient temperature +10C° - +35°C



Ultrasound filter system - dimensions 

Ultrasound filter system - dimensions 


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USR-F | Sample Filter System with Ultrasonic Irradiation


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      pdf USR-F | Sample Filter System with Ultrasonic Irradiation

Technical specifications subject to change without notice

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