Process Water Analysis

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Online TOC Analyzer for total organic carbon measurement in process water using 2-section 19“ cabinet – TOC-810

TOC-810 | On-line TOC Analyzer

Key Features
  • Continuous process water analysis
  • High temperature oxidation
  • Stable TOC measuring characteristics
  • Highest operational reliability
  • Extensive self-monitoring
Typical Applications
  • Industrial waste water
  • Boiler feed water & condensate
  • Sewage plant influent & effluent
  • Drinking water
  • Airport de-icing
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Sample filter system with ultrasonic filter element cleaning for Online water analyzer – USR-F

USR-F | Sample Filter System

with Ultrasonic Irradiation

Key Features
  • Filter element in cross-flow configuration
  • Automatic ultrasonic cleaning
  • Pore sizes from 1 to 200 µm
  • High system reliability
  • Minimized filter maintenance
Typical Applications
  • Long-term stable sample filtration
  • Sampling for process water analyzers
  • Online analyzers TOC, pH, conductivity, dissolved O2
  • Corrosive and contaminated process water
  • Defined & constant filtering
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Ultrasound cleaning system with flow-through vessel for up to 3 Online water analyzer such as pH, EC, TOC – USR-S

USR-S | Ultrasound Cleaning System

for process liquid analytical sensors

Key Features
  • Cross-flow vessel
  • Automatic ultrasonic irradiation
  • For 3 process liquid sensors
  • Corrosion resistant Hastelloy® transducer membrane
  • Water-protected control unit
Typical Applications
  • Long-term stable sensor cleaning
  • Analyzers such as conductivity, pH, dissolved O2, etc.
  • Corrosive & contaminated process water
  • Defined & constant cleaning
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