Thermal Conductivity Hydrogen Gas Analyzer

Features and typical applications

Hydrogen in (quasi) binary gas mixtures - thermal conductivity H2 gas analyzer – CONTHOS 3 - TCD

Key Features

  • Extremely long term stable analysis of H2 and noble gases in binary and quasi-binary gas mixtures with lowest ranges up to 0 – 5000ppm
  • Extremely suppressed ranges up to 99.5 - 100%
  • Ultra-fast response T90 ≤ 3 sec
  • Highly corrosion resistant TCD cell with Al2O3, glass and quartz for process gases with Cl2, HCl, SO2, H2O
  • Cross compensation of up to 3 components for reduction of intereference

Typical Applications

  • H2 and O2 purity in electrolysis of water
  • Metallurgical process gases such as blast furnace, converter steel or direct reduction
  • Steel industry: Heat treatment & hardening
  • Petrochemistry: Gas processing to synthesis gas, reformer gas & coal gasification
  • Monitoring of gas purity, pressure swing adsorption, gas turbine cooling gas, LEL/UEL as well as inert gases
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